The city of Marrakech

  • History of the city of Marrakech :

Marrakech has given its name to the whole kingdom of Morocco. The city was founded in 1062 by Youssef Ibn Tachfine, first king of the Almoravid dynasty. After the passage of the Almoravids, several other dynasties took an interest in Marrakech and its strategic location on the Haouz plain and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, especially the Almohads and the Saadians, who left several monuments and sites An oral and material heritage of great value. Thanks to its historical richness and the passage of several ruling dynasties, Marrakech is one of the main imperial and tourist cities of Morocco,

  • Geography & Climate of the city of Marrakech :


Marrakech is a city located on the plain of Haouz, center of the Marrakech Tensift Al Haouz region.

Marrakech is a city where the sun is very present and this to the length of the year.

  • Monuments and Attractions in Marrakech  :

+ Medina of Marrakech :


Main attraction of Marrakech is its Medina (Historical Quarter of the city) with its main monuments and sites recognized for their heritage value, we find historical palaces, mosques, medersas (Koranic schools and traditional teachings) and museums :


-Place Jamâa El Fna (11th century), recognized by Unesco Universal Oral Heritage of Humanity. Jamaâ el Fna is the inescapable place of Marrakech, the living heart of the city and which is for a large part a constituent of its charm and its popular identity. The Place jamaâ el Fna is a place where the oral heritage of the city of Marrakech and the whole country is expressed with storytellers from all walks of life, snake charms, groups of Berber and other musicians, acrobats and others....

+ Mosques and Medersas of the city of Marrakech :

- The Koutoubia Mosque (12th century)

- The El Mouassine Mosque (12th century) and its fountain (16th century)

- The Medersa Ben Youssef (16th century)

- The Koubba Almoravide (twelfth century)

- The Saadian Tombs (16th century)

+The Palais de Marrakech: The Palace of Bahia (19th century)

- The El Badi Palace (the magnificent) (16th century)

+ The Museums of the city of Marrakech:

- The Museum of Marrakech (XIXth century)

- The Dar Si Said Museum (19th century)

- The Museum of Islamic Art in Marrakech (20th century)

- The Bert Flint Museum.

+ The Gardens of the city of Marrakech:

- The gardens of the Menara (12th century)

- The gardens of the Agdal (12th century)

- The Majorelle Garden (20th century) To see in the Surroundings of Marrakech:

- The valley of the Ourika at 30 km, with its verdant valley and its soft river which runs all the year.

- The valley of Asni Ouirgane to some 30Km of Marrakech.

- The ski resort of Oukaimden at 74km.

- The rock carvings of Oukaimden at 74km.

- Toubkal National Park 70km south of Marrakech.

- The Tinmel Mosque, dating from the 12th century, the Almohad dynasty, 60 km

- The Cascades of Ozoud 120km near the city of Marrakech.